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About Us

Lioncom builds high-end software for user success. Lioncom engineering can make applications run from hundreds to thousands of times faster than conventional techniques. We produce software that is elegant in its simplicity, even when doing tremendously complex things. Our software is inexpensive to support and maintain. It’s software that users will actually enjoy using.

Our applications get users (or customers) talking to other users, creating "buzz" and promoting use or sales. Lioncom has proven its abilities with numerous applications designed with the user in mind, yet still making use of complex simulation and compiler designs, all built to compute at maximum possible speed.

What Our Work Does For You

Lioncom makes complex software, fast and simple. What that means for you is:

  • For resource-intensive analytic applications and trading systems, the competitive advantage of response times that are tremendously closer to real-time than is possible with conventional approaches. Quicker response provides the opportunity for enhanced revenues.

  • Where parallel processing is being considered, applications that are optimized before they are structured for grid or cluster computing, minimizing costs associated with that shift.

  • Significantly reduced costs throughout the software lifecyle, through lower support costs and smaller maintenance staff or outsourcing costs.

  • Software that generates unprecedented user enthusiasm and greatly increased productivity. The IT department will look good. If the application is a software product, users will sell it for you. You gain sales that no amount of marketing by itself will achieve.

  • Modifications and upgrades without struggle, through a process that keeps the product flexible enough that you can respond to market or strategy shifts without huge amounts of rework.

How we do it

With experience. Using Lioncom's consultants is like being able to borrow the "A" team from a top software product vendor. We are not in competition with your internal IT resources or "cost-effective" outsourced resources—we're in a different ballpark. Our core competence is in innovation and holistic design and engineering services that give you the flexibility to respond to changing demands and market developments, for years.

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