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Major financial research and credit data provider

Business Challenge
The client had developed an application for analysis of advanced credit derivative structures, but the application as it stood did not meet their standards for a marketable software product. The application was slow and complicated to use. The challenge was to use the considerable domain expertise built into the application while making it considerably faster and simpler for users.

Lioncom Solution
Lioncom analyzed the state of the existing code and client documentation. We determined that valuable financial engineering skills could be extracted from the existing application.

Our first goal was to create a proof-of-concept product, including a central analytics engine, with a purpose-built compiler developed in Microsoft .Net using C#. This engine was three orders of magnitude faster than the previous application, as well as completely flexible and extendable.

The core analysis engine was designed to be fully testable at the point of coding. As application complexity expanded, the ability to avoid going through testing cycles, with their inefficiencies and opportunities for misunderstandings, became critical.

The product also includes a specialized XML parser designed to allow big datasets to be manipulated and quickly displayed in the user interface. Data was stored using an approach that assured future extendibility and a smaller client footprint. The need for speed and flexibility to utilize innovations was kept in mind for all additions to the application.

Business Benefits
This product is now part of a suite of products, generating approximately $50 million per year, that constitute the client’s core product line and is sold to some of the largest corporations and institutions in the world.

Lioncom’s work resulted in a fast, easily extended, and highly marketable product, with greatly improved usability. The initial core concepts were proved after previous failures, and all domain engineering from the previous product was preserved. Other products were derived from the initial product, including a compiler that could be incorporated into other applications. The internal team was able to transition to supporting the product with minimal effort.

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Digital media services company serving the hospitality industry

Business Challenge
Design and implement a technology platform for video-on-demand and create the hardware/software architecture and design for digital content distribution and billing.

Lioncom Solution
Working in concert with two other groups, Lioncom helped to build a complete hardware and software fabric, including satellite delivery of first-run Hollywood movies and other digital content to hotel rooms across the United States and internationally. The service allowed for the delivery of first-run digital movies with VCR functionality using MPEG-2 over Ethernet networks. The service also delivered:

  • Music on-demand
  • Access to hotel and concierge services
  • High-speed Internet access and a web portal
  • Laptop connectivity for business travelers
  • Interactive advertising, for restaurants and conventions
  • Theater and movie promotions
  • Customizable interfaces and home pages for each hotel

Lioncom designed hotel server racks with specialized servers for video feeds, billing services, and tie-in of web content. Lioncom was also involved with the design and production of a specialized set-top box for attachment to TVs. Lioncom helped coordinate the efforts of half a dozen technology vendors, from N-Cube (a video server company owned by Larry Ellison) to IBM.

Business Benefits
The client was able to bring their first hotel on-line, proving the concept so that the client could obtain the additional venture capital required for a broader marketing effort. They also were able to close “go to market” contracts with Sprint and Unisys, in a highly competitive hospitality marketplace. Lioncom actually provided the introduction that secured the first hotel engagement for the client.

The client has recently announced a strategic partnership with Unisys and introduced the new services at the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference. Prior to the conference, several clients had already been signed for the services, including the Boston Park Plaza and the W San Diego.

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US Army Research Group

Business Challenge
Design an architecture that would allow field-testing of a “lab-based” research application that performed simultaneous translation of spoken Arabic to English and back again.

Lioncom Solution
On short notice, Lioncom created a design fabric for the actual field deployment of the “lab version” of the product. The architecture allowed for the successful field-testing of the application.

Business Benefits
The client was able to move rapidly from the laboratory into application trials phase and meet a vital contract deadline.

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